Friday, April 9, 2010

Points and the next challenge

Point Wise...

Shannon 1pt for local and 1pt for city,state
Frankie 1pt for local and 1pt for city,state
Karen 1pt for local and 1pt for city,state

Next Challenge...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I feel some cabin fever coming on and that means.....

Its time for a little game of fun....
Postcards from my world proudly presents name that postcard.....

The rules are simple....

So for the next 2 weeks I'm going to post a "postcard" and ask you to post where you think it is at...

I bet I'll post maybe 5 or 6 locals, the person with the most right will win a scrapbook RAK from me...
Don't worry about people seeing your answers as I have to confirm that your comment post to my blog-so just type the answer as to where the postcard is from. For example orlando,Florida or Barcelona,Spain will work... I'll tell you the pictures will be of places I have visited..

You will have the time from when I post the postcard to when I post the next postcard to get your answer in...

So you wanna play?

Here's your first postcard and clue..

This Rio has a network of walkways along the banks a famous river. It is lined by bars, shops and restaurants, it is an important part of the city's urban fabric and a tourist attraction in its own right. Also has amazing XL Margaritas!

Today, the area is an enormously successful special-case pedestrian street, one level down from the automobile street. It winds and loops under bridges as two parallel sidewalks lined with restaurants and shops, connecting the major tourist draws of the area.

Happy Travels!

Name the location for 1 pt.
City and State for additional 1 pt.

I have to moderate all comments so feel free to leave your answer with no one else seeing it until the round is over. Be sure to leave your name so I can give you credit!

Ahh... Life

Life has taken me on a grand adventure these last few months. The last time I posted on this here blog I was just about to start my internship, I was in the process of putting a house up for sale, and I was looking forward to moving to a new state and starting a new life.

Well long and behold not 3 months later I am:
-almost done with my internship (18 more teaching days)
-sold a house

and bought a new house!