Friday, September 26, 2008

borrowing from Suzanne!

65 words


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I hate hump days...

okay 3 things that make me mad about Wednesday-well this wed.
1. I just don't like my schedule, it just makes me nutty
2. I absolutely wanted to cry after my reading class-I feel lost, frustrated, and wanting to hit something.
3. On my way to class I was totally not paying attention, I feel in a slight hole in the ground-I hate to admit it. I got up and felt a sharp pain down my leg, but figured it would be okay. So I walked a few steps and got myself to class. My foot started throbbing during class and along with the teacher driving me nuts I got this awful headache.

My foot still is throbbing and if it doesn't feel better tomorrow I am going to call the clinic and see about going there and seeing what's going on. Sure hope it is nothing serious...

I can't wait till Sat and I can scrap with my SISTAS!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

they just fly by

I'll have to type everything up in a long drawn out post one of these days, but I'm to tired to think..It seems as though the weeks are just flying by.

Monday thru Wed. has become a blur....

Internship week 2 is over and I found out my teacher is moving from 4th grade down to 2nd. I'm excited, nervous, and overwhelmed with school work. It seems like it will never end-the school work that is. I actually like being at school, it just takes a bit of getting use to. And I feel like I'm not a very strong disciplinarian when it comes to getting the kids to be quiet in the halls and to pay attention during their computer lab time.. Oh man do they like to test me. There are a few that just know how to push buttons, and then there are few that just love to talk with me ALL the time and not get their work done. I'm leaving them now and will be moving down to 2nd grade where I think if given the choice I would like to be.

I feel so overwhelmed at the possibility of actually being a teacher next year in August. Gosh I hope I find a job, I hope I can control a class, I hope I can teach them... so many hopes, so many fears..... we will see....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spread My Wings and fly....

Got my wings for Halloween...

New Scrappy Stuff

as promised!

I have to thank my friend Arleen for the awesome picture on the one above.
I'm working on a page to follow this one, but just was so happy on how this turned out!

this is my grandma looking out on this beautiful water garden in WI.

And of course we couldn't leave out Ms.Phoe!

What a week

WOW-what a week it's been..

I haven't had the energy to even post here on the blog..

So I'll start at the beginning.

Shortly after I made the last post here on Monday I went out to my car to find it would not start. This is about 25min. before I am suppose to be at school. I called a cab and called the school to let them know I would be late. Nothing else I could do... Got to school shortly before it started and met my teacher. Pretty much spent the day watching and sometimes helping a bit.

Tuesday same story pretty much, working with 4th graders.....

Tuesday I came home and was so miserable with a headache that I went to bed at 8:30.
Wed. had the car looked at and all it was was the battery-thank goodness.

Thursday went to class, came home and slept.
Friday I got all my paperwork signed for my second internship only to find that I am totally behind on our online portfolio and have about a million questions because of switching to a new catalog year---oh so complicated. Though internship paperwork is in.

Did a bit of retail therapy after that, and then came home to clean. Didn't get much done, sat on the couch most of the day and watched t.v.-Did do a bit of scrapping which I'll post in a bit..

Today no big plans other than going to the grocery store-out of bed, milk and the essentials....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 1

First day of internship today and man am I nervous. I think on top of being nervous somethings up with my body. I woke up a dozen times during the night-one minute cold, the next so warm. I drank a whole bottle of water from like midnight till 6:30am. Not like me at all.. I'm shaking this morning and my stomach is in a total knot... Arghhh.... I hope this feeling of nervousness goes away-as I have this internship till December and then another one in Jan-May...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

IKE Update

So we missed Hanna, though felt her rain weather and wind a little bit...

Ike looks like another wacky dork just hanging around to cause more damage.. It's so sad that these storms have to pass over some of the poorest countries. I mean it stinks wherever it goes, but geeesh some of these people don't have the kind of homes that will withstand any category hurricane like the Dominican republic, Haiti, Bahamas, etc. I know from being in the Bahamas this past April/May I realize that most of their money comes from tourism much like that of Florida's economy. Hurricanes not only damage and kill they also hurt the economy of these poor Caribbean nations---so very sad.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So I have a surprise to share, but I don't want to just say it.. So instead if you leave a comment as to what you think it could be you might just win a surprise of your own..

Of those that get it right I'll take your names and do a thing with them and you might just get a little surprise in the mail. I'll tell you the surprise you'll get is scrapbook related..

As for my surprise comment on if it is scrap-related

Leave your comment by Sunday the 7th at noon (my time-eastern time) and you might just win...

Oh and no hints from those who already know....he he

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh and did I mention how much I dislike Hurricane season....

There's steam coming out of the horns...

You may be wondering what I am talking about and this post might get a little heated. Those who know me know that it takes a lot to get me to a boiling point, although when you live with someone for 2years who reaches on a daily basis you learn to pick your battles..

Anyway the horns part of this is that my teacher tonight was like I can all see your halo's just shining. I made the comment to my friend in the class that my halo had disappeared and I had a headache because my horns were starting to grow again.. Sure hope the teacher didn't hear...

Now onto the reason why there is steam as well as horn growth...

I've had issues with UCF College of Education in the past. Most of the time they have been litte things. Some my fault (i'll admit), some the fault of others who say one thing, do another, and then somehow mysteriously disappear a semester later.

SO tonight we are informed that a letter will be going out to our internship teachers informing them that we are to spend an additional 15 hrs with a student that we are doing our case study on. I say additional 15 because this is in addition to the 2 days a week we spend with them in class and the 2wks. that we spend with them from m-th. Most of the class feel silent and I think a few of us really were thinking about rushing the front of the room where the teacher was. Needless to say no one was injured. Although I don't particularly like the idea of spending an additional 15hrs of time over the semester in a class, I'd be willing to do it if I had to. Some of my fellow classmates don't have that option as they have class all day and then work. So I will just address my concerns here:

we are to pull a student out of class to assess them in different areas. These are not subject areas, but rather their level in different reading areas. Okay that's cool. Here's the thing-we are then to come up with lesson plans on how to re mediate this areas of concern. Oh by the way did I mention we are doing 5 different areas of assessment. And then on top of that we are also to give post tests.

Here's where there is a problem, wait let me re-phrase that PROBLEMS
1.) Student being pulled out of class on numerous occasions for these assessments will fall behind in his/her school work.
2. Student goes home and tells parents the intern teacher pulled me out of class to give me a spelling test and other tests.
3.) Parent comes in wondering why his/her child is being pulled out of class and why their son or daughter isn't comprehending the materials being taught in the classroom.
4.) Teacher has to deal with principal on their back from outraged parent.
5.) Teacher has to catch student up on work.
6.) Teacher then becomes upset with intern teacher who wants to be helpful to teacher.

oh and did I mention I had 4th graders--ya they take part of the FCAT which pretty much scores the school and the teacher and if they miss some of that they are not going to have a good school year...