Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There's steam coming out of the horns...

You may be wondering what I am talking about and this post might get a little heated. Those who know me know that it takes a lot to get me to a boiling point, although when you live with someone for 2years who reaches on a daily basis you learn to pick your battles..

Anyway the horns part of this is that my teacher tonight was like I can all see your halo's just shining. I made the comment to my friend in the class that my halo had disappeared and I had a headache because my horns were starting to grow again.. Sure hope the teacher didn't hear...

Now onto the reason why there is steam as well as horn growth...

I've had issues with UCF College of Education in the past. Most of the time they have been litte things. Some my fault (i'll admit), some the fault of others who say one thing, do another, and then somehow mysteriously disappear a semester later.

SO tonight we are informed that a letter will be going out to our internship teachers informing them that we are to spend an additional 15 hrs with a student that we are doing our case study on. I say additional 15 because this is in addition to the 2 days a week we spend with them in class and the 2wks. that we spend with them from m-th. Most of the class feel silent and I think a few of us really were thinking about rushing the front of the room where the teacher was. Needless to say no one was injured. Although I don't particularly like the idea of spending an additional 15hrs of time over the semester in a class, I'd be willing to do it if I had to. Some of my fellow classmates don't have that option as they have class all day and then work. So I will just address my concerns here:

we are to pull a student out of class to assess them in different areas. These are not subject areas, but rather their level in different reading areas. Okay that's cool. Here's the thing-we are then to come up with lesson plans on how to re mediate this areas of concern. Oh by the way did I mention we are doing 5 different areas of assessment. And then on top of that we are also to give post tests.

Here's where there is a problem, wait let me re-phrase that PROBLEMS
1.) Student being pulled out of class on numerous occasions for these assessments will fall behind in his/her school work.
2. Student goes home and tells parents the intern teacher pulled me out of class to give me a spelling test and other tests.
3.) Parent comes in wondering why his/her child is being pulled out of class and why their son or daughter isn't comprehending the materials being taught in the classroom.
4.) Teacher has to deal with principal on their back from outraged parent.
5.) Teacher has to catch student up on work.
6.) Teacher then becomes upset with intern teacher who wants to be helpful to teacher.

oh and did I mention I had 4th graders--ya they take part of the FCAT which pretty much scores the school and the teacher and if they miss some of that they are not going to have a good school year...