Thursday, November 13, 2008


Every semester it seems like the last few weeks of classes just come out of nowhere.. Everything is due, teacher stresses, us college kids fret over work, and everything else... Well this semester seems even more ANNOYING then ever. It's just like OMG will it ever end.. It seems like the pile is getting larger..

Let me start with the dreaded class of all-the reading class I am in.

-Redo of first part of case study. (have to write up the observations per assessment rather than just one simple thing at the end)
-Write up interventions and what I did to help student improve
-Have teacher (from internship) sign off on my hours in the classroom (doing that tomorrow)
-Reflections on each intervention done with student
above due next week
Then due Dec. 3rd.
-Course Reflections
-Case Study reflection (3-5 pages with all this stupid bullet points that make no sense at all). Has to be good enough to put in online portfolio.
-Parent Letter that explains what we have done in the case study and mock letter to parents of student we worked with.. Another load of B.S.

Math class (all due Dec.3rd)
- Write lesson plan on lesson I am presenting next week on measurement
- write reflection after lesson is done in class
- Take home exam that must be a minimum of 3 pages long to answer this long drawn out questions.
-write and create geometry game for class on the 4th and get together with group members to discuss finally plans.

Art/Music/PE Integration Class
1.) Study for exam that switched yesterday from the 10th of Dec. to the 3rd.
2.) Notebook containing all lesson plans written during semester and the following
- observation of P.E. Class (doing next week)
- Happy Hour Reflection (these workshop the college puts on for teachers-agh)
- reflection of lesson we taught.
3.)Get together with group to go over presentation that will now be on the 10th.

and then for internship..
get all forms filled out and signed.
teach math lesson next week..

Other things..
Study for FL Teacher Certification Exam taken on the 4th of December
Study for other FTCE part to be taken on the 18th of Dec.

and THANKSGIVING WEEK AFTER ALL IS DONE, Spend time with family..

December 11th when all is done.. HAVE EXTRA LARGE MARGARITA AND CRASH...

Pay for an internship class that is 12 credits and I am the one teaching in the classroom minus scholarship funds....about $400

A little under a month and I will never have to take another class at UCF.-PRICELESS!!!


TxScrapAddict said...

Hang in there! Just remember, you'll be doing all this and more to get PAID when you graduate!

Calia Yang said...

You'll find a job and look back and say, "it was worth it." ^_^ keep it up!

Sheila said...

Hang in there, Heather! It will be all worth it in the end!

Rox-Ann said...

Yikes hang in there girl you can see the end coming now!! You will do great and look back on this time and smile!!