Thursday, January 8, 2009

WOW what an emotional roller coaster it's been this week..
Leaving on Tuesday morning amidst tears between grandma,mom, and myself.
Getting back to Orlando and the quiet that has become my apartment.
Feeling a bit of loneliness the first night after spending almost a month with people all over!
And then today finally having a weight off my shoulders in finding out my placement for Internship 2. Still a bit of nervousness in waiting to find out what grade I will be teaching. Little relived to find out my coordinator will only be observing me twice and that my supervising teacher will be doing much of the observing. Today they talked about grad school at our internship meeting, the thought seems so out there, heck I just went to get the Bachelors behind me. Though I found a program thru UCF that I think I really like as I was looking around. It's in St.Pete so I wouldn't have to drive to Tampa (TG!!!). Going to think about it. It also doesn't look like I have to have a GRE score for it either. (woooo hooo).. It's a mix of 34hrs of literacy and leadership. We will see, won't be jumping in right away, probably going to wait a bit and get comfy within my classroom before doing it, but it seems so oh I don't know... Like I'm actually going to be a teacher... There is an end to this long windy road...

Here's a page from my Mary Engelbright day to day calendar, today's little quote and picture was perfect to go along with the internship meeting, and in the end it worked out well..

now I am off to the grocery store to get some grub and what not for dinner. Amazing how I forgot like everything I needed yesterday at Target and still managed to spend a ton... well you know the new pillow racked up the bill.. LOL!!!


Calia Yang said...

AWww heather - hope the loniless goes away. It must've been hard to leave your family. But hey - they're about 1 hr away or something right? I love that quote LOL

TxScrapAddict said...
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Sheila said...

You will do well next week. Guarantee it! Hugs!