Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hello Home for a few more days....

Morning in San Juan, PR
Goodbye Puerto Rico!
The little tug that followed us out of port
The Atlantica in St. Thomas
Oh the beaches of St. Thomas
St. Thomas again!
Margaritaville, Grand Turk
Downtown St. Thomas
Muster on board
The Atlantica!

Well I'm back from the Caribbean though I wish I could have just moved to St. Thomas and permanently become a resident. I LOVED IT!
I also really enjoyed Puerto Rico but our excursion to the rainforest took quite a bit of time, which is okay, but I didn't get to enjoy the town as much as I would have liked. Defiantly need to go back and visit again someday and spend some time just chilling out over there on one of the 365 beaches our tour guide told us about.

Now that I have had some nice warm weathers of the Caribbean I'm off to head into the cold for about 10days. I'm headed to Texas for Christmas and then out of the blue I had an idea. I had a few days to play with, why not see what it would cost me to get to Wisconsin to see family. It's only $17 more than what my flight from tx to fl would have been. To get home I was able to use one of my rapid rewards certificates! Woohoo! only its -13 there. Well I guess I'll get to see lots of snow for the first time!! ya!!!!