Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Happy!!!

When I left high school I received the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship that paid 75% of my tution. With the math and economics grades I got I unfortunately lost it about 2 years ago. Back in May I got something in the mail from FL DOE about reinstatement for the scholarship-I figured it was to late. Well yesterday I called to ask if there was a way to still get it. They told me this year was the last year to use it. I still have 26 available credit hours that will be paid.. well 75% of the hours will be paid. I only have 22 left!!! THANK YOU FLORIDA LOTTERY!!! Even though I don't play you...

this morning I got an email confirming that I had filled out all the paperwork online and i checked this morning to see that it looks like I was approved... Word here-think I am here, not exactly sure.... but that's a nice little pocket full of change if approved!!!



Suzanne said...

congrats on the scholarship!