Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Moving Loss

So with everything being moved from my apartment in Orlando back home to the house I lost one thing.. I should be happy that I only lost one thing, but to me it's kind of sad because it was my whole scrapbook album of our trip to North Carolina in 2004, our first road trip with Maggie as well and we visited Maggie Valley on that trip to...

That's the sad part, I guess the good part is that I have had the pictures reprinted. (thank god I had them backed up on cd's and they are saved on the walgreen's photo website). I also found some of the pages on (I guess I could try printing them on my big printer. I doubt I will be able to locate each of the papers I used and to recreate exact pages, and yet there are some that I am so upset in losing..

Today I was able to look at them without crying. How lives change in years, I can't believe that was 5 years ago.

If a genie came and gave me three wishes I'd only need one.. Take me back in time to then....