Saturday, October 3, 2009

The name lives up to the blog

The postcards part seems to live up to its name these last few months. Come to realize it-I was only home for 10days in the month of September. Holy Cow I'm never gone that much...

Here are some pics. from my latest trip to PA in Mid-Sept.

First off got to see some nice fall colors. This is always nice since I don't see any change here in Florida..

Headed down to the strip district (No not what it sounds like, I wondered the first time I heard its name.) Two days in a row right before the G20 Summit and watched many businesses board up windows in preparation for the protesters that were to come and that they did. Felt like being in hurricane season with all the plywood.
Breakfast at Pamela's P&G Dinner. Ahhh heart attach in the making.. I couldn't finish it all...
At the diner, what could be finer?

Heading into Deluca's for breakfast on the strip after watching it on Man vs. Food.. Yummy!!!

The Superbowl Omelet including sauerkraut.
Loved the old counter feel!!!

Wholey's Fish market--Lunch to go and cheap I might add.. Smelled AMAZING though I had just eaten breakfast down the street.

Talking about the G20 we sure did see a lot of cops around....from the airport to downtown there were at least 2 cop cars on ever overpass.. Hmm at least you knew we were safe..

Here we saw some road blockage as buses brought in world leaders, didn't catch who was on the bus though.

Saw the Japanese entourage's plane parked for a few days at the airport.

and then saw a ton of police parked and gearing up with shields, tear gass, and sticks while parking at the zoo.. Glad I wasn't downtown...

and here's from the zoo..

Yup the king of the jungle sticks out his tongue..
Who knew cats liked water????

The gorilla does the thinker well don't you think?

polar polar bear what do you see??? Sorry had to bring in the children's lit here!

Bear Bootie! How cute!

We also took a nice walk in the woods at a nearby park.
Blurry Woods is perfect for our adventure.

Anyone for mushroom soup?
Wishing it would stop raining...

The Phipps Conservatory in Pgh. had the Frabel glass exhibit and they held the butterfly exhibit that they had a bit longer due to President Obama having numerous activities at the Phipps during the G20 Summit.

see the bee? glad I didn't get stung...
love how this symbolic of the sun!
This vase would match my china so perfectly!

wouldn't mind this either in my home! :)
This thing was HUGE!!!
Phipps Waterfall