Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update and Postcard #5

Lisa, Arleen, and Sophia got #4

Lisa-interesting on your selection as I was thinking about using a picture from Chillon.

Here's a little more info on this lion shown in postcard #4...

Your next postcard is...

Greetings from "Little Bavaria." Nope didn't make it over to Germany this year, but we tried to come close. We enjoyed Bretzlen from Hoffers, which are the best pretzels this side of the pond. Strangely enough we visited this "G" place during the slow time. October really is the time to visit this women's city...Name the city and state for this one.... We also visited this beautiful state park, actually we had to drive into it to get to our cabin, I thought Ruby might fall there....An extra pt. for you if you can name the state park.... It's unifying!


Arleen correct with city,state, and park 2pts for you!


Arleen said...

Helen, GA
Is it Anna Ruby Falls
Unicio state park???

This was hard!!! LOL