Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 Random Midnight Thoughts for the 12 days of Christmas that are now 14.

1.) Where does time go?
2.) I hate neighbors who play pounding rock music at midnight when I really want to go to sleep.
3.) Cleaning Sucks
4.) Overwhelming Doom/Anxiety needs to go away.
5.) Aghhhh I hate that I don't know what school I am at yet for internship.
6.) I hate pounding music at midnight.
7.) Will everything fit in the car?
8.) I really want to take my sizzix along so I can play with my new die from Arleen (it's so awesome)
9.) Why must the floor and walls be so thin that I can hear the lyrics to a song being played on the stereo below me?
10.) I'm tired and want to sleep.
11.) My back hurts.
12.) I'm grumpy


Kimmy P said...

Sorry about your loud neighbors! Will your apartment office do anything about noise complaints?