Monday, December 29, 2008

A chance for a beautiful scrappy kit!!

How would you like a chance to win one of the 3 KITS available from CROP WITH STYLE! (By Ivon). Let's have a RAFFLE...I am selling tickets for $1.00...for every $30.00 I collect I will RAFFLE a KIT..Kits are $27.00 plus shipping, the extra $3.00 will cover partial shipping and I will cover the rest.

For every ticket you purchase you will receive a raffle entry..... $1.00/1 ticket
If you have a BLOG and you blog about the RAFFLE and post the KITS on your blog you will get another entry ticket (you must purchase at least one entry ticket to enter). Please post here once you have blogged so I can check it out.

Also...for EVERY $30.00 sold you will still have an opportunity to enter for other drawings...for example, if I sell $60.00 worth of tickets and you happened to purchase $5.00 worth of tickets...YOUR name will go into EACH drawing 5 times..not a bad deal!!! YOUR CHANCES have increase exponentially!!!

Come on ladies, help me get these BEAUTIFUL KITS moving. Please remember there must be at least $30.00 collected before I can hold a RAFFLE.

You can paypal me at this address: (this is my paypal account name, I couldn't change it without losing my status...I've had that one for years).

This is a great opportunity to win a BEAUTIFUL KIT for yourself or as gift!!!