Thursday, December 18, 2008

just the degree please...

test #3 of the FTCE is over and unofficial I'm not as dumb as I may look. LOL! I unofficially passed. The test gives you 4 hrs and I was done in 2. I actually walked out of the test room and the guy there was like oh are you going to take your break now.. I had a 135 minute test first, a 55 minute break if I wanted it, and then another 90 minutes left for the rest of the test. I told him with a smile no I am done. I kind of felt bad as I was getting my purse from the locker area, because I finished so quickly. I do that though, I don't go back and check every answer. I can't because then I doubt myself.. The language arts and science portions were difficult. The social studies part which I was told was very hard, was not to difficult to me, but a lot of mundane factoids of information. It helps that I'm a history buff at heart. The music part was very tricky and I had to think back to 8th grade music class to generate answers, we didn't learn a darn thing about music in the course I took.. Feel bad for those that didn't take music and don't know what 4/4 time is..

So after I finished I went to the scrapbook store, didn't find much really, and then went to the mall to use my gift card my aunt and uncle got me! Found some great deals!!! Can't wait to wash my new pj's and wear them... If only it would get cold again for them!

Got home to find my mother in a very bad mood. She gets very grumpy after my grandparents are over and it drives me bonkers. I just want to scream like OMG they left, get over it. She's taking a nap right now and I can hear her moaning in her sleep.. It sounds like she is dying and yet I just woke her up to see if she was okay and she's like I'm fine... Freaking me out a bit.

On another note got my school grades--> got 2 A's and a B (reading class where I thought I was getting a C). I got a S in my internship 1 which means satisfactory which is good... so all done with classes now... my final internship does not have a grade attached so my gpa is final.. Not very good really-to much math, economics, and science junk bringing it down.


Calia Yang said...

Heather!! I'm so glad you finished your 4 hr test!! good thing you only did it in 2 hrs. I would think your mind would drift off if you sat there longer!! Have a great evening!

TxScrapAddict said...

Congrats you!!