Friday, December 5, 2008

Downtown Disney

Suzanne and I had such a great time at Downtown Disney. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe before going to see La Nouba! It was an awesome show!

Here's a bit about the show..
The show name La Nouba originates from the French phrase “faire la nouba,” which means to party, to live it up. It is a world where dreams and reality intertwine as the urban and circus worlds meet on stage. Blending acrobatics, dazzling choreography, whimsical characters and live music, La Nouba stimulates our imagination from beginning to end.

Heading over to the other side of Downtown Disney for dinner via boat!

we got to sit next to the fishies!!! Good thing neither of us ordered their friends....
Drinks first though!!!

Then Dinner!

Headed back over for the show, sunset in back of



Calia Yang said...

You look like you had so much fun!!!!!!! We go down to Orlando every year with my family and we LOVE LOVE LOVE downtown disney!!! We haven't tried everything there, but what do you recommend for us to try there? we haven't tried cirque de soleil nor any of the restaurants there.