Sunday, June 1, 2008


Took this from a friend's blog

1. My ROCK STAR name: Precious Mission
(first pet & current street name)

2. My GANGSTA name: Rocky Road Chocolate Chip

(favourite ice cream & cookie)

3. My FLY GIRL name: H See

(first initial & first three letters of last name)

4. My DETECTIVE name: Purple Dog

(favourite colour & animal)

5. My SOAP OPERA name: Heidi Milwaukee

(middle name & city I was born in)

6. My STAR WARS name: SeeHe

(first three letters of last name & first two of first name)

7. My SUPERHERO name: Aqua Diet Coke
(second favourite colour & favourite drink)

8. My NASCAR name: Fred Manfred

(the first names of my grandfathers)

9. My WITNESS PROTECTION name: Freida Irwin (sorry mom)

(mother & father's middle names)