Thursday, June 19, 2008

oh where oh where does the time go...

right out the window I presume...

I leave tomorrow to go back to O-town and ready myself of 6 weeks of school, then a little break and then I'll be going full force into my first internship.. Two days a week in a school and then three classes split between Wed. and Thursday.. I will kill for my Friday's off for the moment.. I want to see how the schedule goes for a little bit and then we will see if I decide to get a job on top of that. Come Jan. I'll be teaching all week till April. I'm excited, I'm scared, I'm anxious, and honestly I wish it could be May 2009 already...

The next week is going to be lots of fun with a little bit of not so fun..
Tomorrow I'm hanging with my friend Jessica and go out for dinner and a movie, its been so long since I went to the movies... I need to make a habit of doing that more..
Then Sat. I'm going to be cropping all day which will be so very nice.
Sunday will be my day to clean up, mediate, and relax.
Monday going for a scrapbook class at Scrappy and
then Tuesday night I'll be sitting a room with 4-walls for 4hrs. twice a week.. Arghh..... 5:30-9:20 that just feels harsh.. But I really should be happy with what I have...

so here's to
friendly gatherings
buying over priced textbooks
a little scrapping
more reading
getting to see the fam when I can!!!