Friday, October 10, 2008

Ahh Friday

I can't believe the week is finally over. I stayed home on Tuesday because I felt miserable.. I made it up today and this morning I really wanted to turn around and go back to sleep.. Not because of the kids, not because of getting up early, mainly because I was so tired and sick.. Tomorrow I'm sleeping till noon-okay probably not-but it is nice to know I could... I'm planning to scrap for a little bit tomorrow and will use Sunday to get homework done. I have to write the beginnings of my case study for my reading class and I have to say I am dreading it. I HATE THIS READING CLASS. It will drive me crazy one way or another... Oh wait completely crazed already.. Is it December yet?

I really liked not having class this week and I am liking actually being at a school. Apparently I actually can do this.. LOL! I got my reviews back from my teacher today and got pretty good marks. Things I could improve on are things I totally agree with...


TxScrapAddict said...

Hope you feel better soon!