Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cleaning--not so much...

I'm going to get something done this weekend, I'm going to get something done this weekend... Well that's the plan anyway...

Here's the list..
-Clean out stuff I don't need in sunroom-i.e. (lift huge broken t.v. (yup it's been there a while).
-Begin move of scrapbook stuff to sunroom (ah that might be a day in itself.
-Move couch to old scrapbook area.
-Move computer desk where couch was.
-Vacuum (sure lots of pet fur will have been found by this point.
-Move little table from sun room into where computer desk use to be.

Oh and then there's the school part...
-Add stuff to teacher interview reflection (blah)
-Figure out a 4th grade geometry activity.
-Read a chapter and create questions for it
-Work on interventions that I am "suppose" to be giving my student. Ha!
-Redo part of case study.
-Write second part of case study (luckily not due next week, but the following..

Lovely weekend right?

Oh and in between,
stopping by school to see 2nd graders and having lunch with my friend Suzanne.


TxScrapAddict said...

Oh good luck on the cleaning...I hate to clean.