Friday, October 24, 2008

To those visting my blog....

Today I've noticed that a lot of new faces have been visiting my blog due to my blog address being listed on the scrapsmack blog. You know I must admit that's the first time I've ever been called annoying.. In 24 years of life this is a first. Interesting since I tend to think of myself as very reserved on message boards. So thanks for adding a new word to my list of attributes.

So for those of you that made your way from that thread to here, honestly you are probably wasting your time as my blog is mainly the going-on's of a 24 year college student who scrapbooks, complains about the stress of school, and posts stuff she does. SORRY.

As a future teacher I keep this blog stress and issue free because I feel like I need to be professional in all writings and posts I make. I would hope that you would see that I have never made a negative remark about anyone. You know the media is a powerful weapon, I've seen it first hand in REAL LIFE how stories come out with negative facts and twisted lies. So maybe that is why I take a step back from these postings on the web, because I know that there is a lot of pain and suffering in the world and that getting banned from a site is honestly the least of your worries. The internet is the strongest of these vices and to those of you who have these strong feelings I'm glad you have an outlet to voice your sorrows.

So if you have reached the end of this post and still find me annoying, I would say thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the music.


TxScrapAddict said...

Bless ya Sista!! I'm here too, but not afraid to leave ya a post & say....keep your head up - This too shall pass.

Frankie said...

I think you showed class,
I love ya and ignore the small minds and look at it this way......everytime they come to your blog they love ya. OR They wouldnt come lol

Mindy Gibson said...

Excellent posting!

Lisamariemlt said...

hey there I came here from Frankie's site
I came to read your words about your trip home from the movies that someone commented about in one post
it's funny how little things make you think
today I was out with a friend
her brother almost died this week
he told his sister
know what
I didn't see the white light
that sure was a statement and made me think
and hey
Yup I read to the end
love the way you words things
and will be coming back to hear the thoughts of a future professional teacher

Maggie said...

I've no idea what that blog is about, but anywhoo came over from the cuttlebug challenge, to say I'm glad you stopped by and notice u live in my neighborhood of winter park..
Have a great day,
PS I usually go to morse on Friday w/my dd once a month to see if there's anything new :)